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FO [10 Nov 2020|12:47am]

You know the drill people: comment if you're not on my FList and for same insane reason want to be. :) Comments are screened because I want them to be screened.
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hair hair hair [23 Jan 2009|02:11am]
[ mood chipper ]

Got my hair cut today, sooo, pictures! I got it cut from about shoulder-length to chin-length in the fron and a bit shorter in the back. I got more blond highlights to mesh with my new part (I used to part it down the center) , and I got a big splash of red on my left side. I loooove it.

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songs suri likes; part Ⅷ [23 Nov 2008|07:19pm]
[ mood awake ]

Matt Costa is probably one of the most brilliant songwriters I've ever heard. But seriously, don't take my word for it, just listen:

If you took to me we could steal away
Count the stars on the milky way
If you took to me I’d roll out the sails
Both get in, catch the wind

If you took to meCollapse )

Float down stream, rivers of dreams
Float down stream, catch your wings
Heaven's high, so you fly
Catch your dreams in the sky

But the glaciers have frozen your feetCollapse )

Oh, and his music videos are awesome too.

I've heard the story, I'm sure he held you down
Forced you to do things while I'm not around
But you lied, yeah you lied
But I've got cigarette eyes

Feel uneasy, I think of you lessCollapse )

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She loves us. She really loves us! [15 Nov 2008|02:59am]
205K 1:04
“lil teapot *pats*”

Transcribed by: txvoodoo
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Friends Cut [24 Mar 2008|01:57am]
For the first time in my 3 years with an LJ I made a huuuuuuge fcut. If you were cut and want to be back on, please comment by all means. I cut more than 66% of my friends, so it's nothing personal. There are just a lot of people whose journals I rarely read and never comment on and quite frankly, I just don't even know who some of you people are anymore. If you want me to add you back, I will try and make the effort to get to know you better/again.

Alternatively, if you weren't cut and feel like I'm dead weight on your friends list, now is a good time to tell me. I can take it like a big girl.

And if you were removed and want to stay off, I just ask that you take me off you list. Thank you. :]
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Claims~ [10 Nov 1993|07:47am]
These are all of the songs, people, and, uh, other stuff that I've claimed at various claiming communities.

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[10 Nov 1993|04:47am]
These are all of the fanlistings that I've joined. If I joined your fanlisting and there isn't a button for it here, please leave a comment, because I probably forgot. ^^; (You don't need to be a registered LJ user to comment.)

EDIT 2007.06.05 // My domain got culled so most of my FL images went with it, so I'm cleaning out entirely. If I've joined you FL and there isn't a link please comment and I'll fix that. (:

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